Kupla is an app that will help you make strong passwords and keep you secure!

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Discover what is Kupla!

Kupla is an app to generate secure passwords and protect your privacy.

Kupla is available on web, Windows, Android and as Chrome extension.

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Security

Amazing availability

Works in browser, desktop, Android and as Chrome extension!

Secure safe

It does not save data anywhere!

Strong passwords

Generate uncrackable passwords that meets all the requirements for every service!

Offline usability

Use without network connection at any time!

Free to use

Free to use for any purpose!

Open source

Kupla is MIT licensed so you can use it and change it as much you want!

Privacy is important

We tend to forget our passwords easily and that's why we use the same password in every service. That is not a good idea and that's where Kupla comes to help us. Kupla is the solution to low security passwords to replace them with secure and unique passwords without having to remember them.

Kupla uses MD5 hash to generate password from master password and service. You only have to remember one password and Kupla generates 33 characters long unique password in every service you use. Kupla doesn't save the password anywhere.

Kupla is a free open source project and will always be. We don't save or collect any data from our users. That's why it's secure to use our service.

If you struggle remembering your passwords, use the same passwords in every service, use simple and easily crackable passwords or use an app to store them, then Kupla is a great choice for you.