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Foxel have many useful features, like weather, crypto prices and reminders. There is even an option to enable bot send daily messages. On top of that Foxel have child bots that shows crypto prices in their activity.
Foxel is open source and completely free to use!

Weather Weather Weather Weather Weather


Sends all commands and their usage.
Shows information about this server
>userinfo [@user]
Shows information about given user
>userinfo @Jeme#2039
Shows information about this bot
>avatar [@user]
Shows given user avatar
>avatar @Jeme#2039
Sends my invitation link

Flips a coin
Rolls a dice
>random [min] [max]
Generates random number between [min] [max]
>random 1 100

>price [crypto] [currency]
Shows current price of given crypto
>price ethereum eur
>invitecrypto [crypto]
Sends invitation link for bot that shows current price of given crypto
>invitecrypto bitcoin

Shows your reminder
>addreminder [date] [time] [message]
Adds a new reminder
>addreminder 17.6.2021 16.20 Remember to feed cat!
Deletes your reminder

>setlocation [city] [country code]
Sets your default location for weather
>setlocation Kuopio FI
Enables daily message from me
Disables daily message from me

>wc [message]
Shows word and character count
>wc Hello this is Foxel bot!
>reverse [message]
Reverses the given message
>reverse Hello this is Foxel bot!

Sends a picture of fox
Sends a picture of waifu
>weather [city] [country code]
Shows weather in the given place
>weather Kuopio FI
>color [hex/rgb]
Sends a picture of given color
>color #f66464
Shows time in percentages